Blizzard 2011

February 2, 2011

It has been snowing steadily for several hours now. I think we have about 8 inches right now, but we’re supposed to end up with at least a foot when all is said and done.

Even though the snow didn’t start until later, this whole day has been nasty. We had an ice storm yesterday and earlier today. I went out this morning to get yesterday’s ice off the car. It had to have been at least a quarter inch coating the entire car. It took probably close to 40 minutes to get the windows clear. I wish I had taken pictures of that.

I didn’t go into work today; I called in sick. I actually didn’t feel well this morning. Fortunately, that went away over the course of the day and I feel better now. It wound up being all for the best though because the weather got worse right around the time I would have gone to work.

Tomorrow, or today actually since it’s now Wednesday, I get to have another snow day because campus is officially shut down. No work or class!

Click the link for video of the blizzard!


Too Much Snow

February 11, 2010

Yesterday is snowed all day long. I’m not kidding–it never even paused for a few minutes. My dad cleared the driveway at 8:30. I did it again at 11. By 2 it looked like I hadn’t even shoveled at all. I wanted to go out again before leaving for work, but I was so cold/tired from the first time that I decided not to shovel again. When I got home from work last night I could barely get into the driveway. My dad cleared the driveway again shortly after that and then had to bring out the snowblower again this morning. I saw in the extended forecast that we are supposed to get more snow again soon, but hopefully it won’t be this much. It’s nice to look at, but not so fun to drive in. I had to drive about 20-25mph both to and from work and on those slushy roads that felt pretty fast.