Checking In

September 12, 2010

School has been keeping me busy: hence, the lack of blogging.

This week was productive. I finished the reading for 2 of my 3 classes on Thursday, which allowed me to take Friday night off from homework. That was really the first night off I’ve allowed myself since the move. (I did take some time off while home for Labor Day weekend, however.) Friday I went out to dinner with some coworkers, then came back, chatted online with friends, and generally wasted time on the internet.

Today has also been productive: I slept in, finished the rest of my reading, went to the gym, did some cooking and cleaning, went to church, more cooking, finally put together my headboard (!), and brainstormed some ideas for the essay I need to write tomorrow. Just now I picked out the second book for the comparative book review due next month. My goal is to read a little bit every week so I’m not rushing to finish it the week before it’s due. It sounds like I did a lot today, and yet I know there was time I wasted. I try to remember that when I have moments freaking out over how to possibly get everything done. Somehow, there’s always time for everything. I don’t know how it works out, but it does.

I was surprised by how quickly I put together the headboard. I’d been putting it off because I thought it would take a while. However, while actually putting the pieces together didn’t take long, I hit a snag trying to get it set up in the bedroom and attached to my bed frame. It can’t really stand by itself so I was huddled under it, trying to get it from falling on me while also screwing on the pieces that connect to the bed frame. Of course, I judged wrongly and screwed it into the wrong place where it didn’t match up with the frame. So I had to take it off and start over again. I think going through that while process took almost as long as putting it together. It’s all set up now though and my bedroom looks more complete. There are a few more finishing touches I want to put on the apartment, but hopefully I will have pictures for you soon.