In Which It’s An Exciting Day

April 1, 2010

Tonight Bones returns with its first new episode in nearly two months and I couldn’t be more excited. The wait has been too long.

Fringe also returns tonight after an almost two month hiatus.

Besides Bones, I am also highly anticipating this evening’s new episode of The Mentalist. It’s been ages since my two favorites were on the same night so I am glad to have this combo back again.

So those are some of the reasons why I love Thursdays, but today is even more special because it is eceldridge‘s birthday. Happy Birthday, roomie!


Night of Favorites

January 21, 2010

Somehow I ended up with a ridiculous number of favorite tv shows on Thursday night. With tonight’s return of Burn Notice at 10/9c on USA, the night is now even more fun. Check out what USA has to say about the winter premiere of Burn Notice:

When a recently widowed woman hires Michael and Fiona to get her away from a group of violent con men, Michael turns to Madeline for help — but he may ask her to go too far. Meanwhile, a mysterious contact goes to extreme lengths to get Michael’s attention.Tyne Daly & Clayne Crawford guest-star in the Burn Notice winter premiere – “A Dark Road” – airing this Thursday at a new but familiar time: 10/9C.

Unfortunately, I have to work tonight, so I am not quite sure when I will watch Burn Notice, but hopefully sometime on Friday.

Other notable shows with new episodes tonight include Bones, Parks & Recreation, The Office, Fringe, and The Mentalist.