This Week in Chuck Music

February 2, 2011

aka This Week in Stephanie’s Recent Purchases


New Music

January 26, 2011

I always like to start off a new semester (or a new year) with some new music. Here’s a sampling of ¬†what I’ve been listening to lately:

“Silvia” by Miike Snow. I bought this song after hearing it on Chuck this week. I’ve discovered a lot of great music from that show. Check it out! (Both the song and the show–you won’t be disappointed)

“Rise” by The Frames. I just finally purchased this song after listening to it on youtube a dozen times. I have Monday night tv to thank for this one as well. It was featured on this week’s incredible episode of Castle. (If you’re not watching Castle, what are you waiting for? Go watch now. After watching “Knockdown,” I dare you not to want to watch more.)

Infinite Arms by Band of Horses. I first discovered Band of Horses thanks to–you guessed it–two tv shows that used their music, Chuck and Psych. Infinite Arms is their third album, which came out last year, and is definitely worth buying. “Dilly” is currently my favorite song on the album. (The video is kind of weird, but the song is good.)

Weekend Productivity

September 19, 2010

I loooove the weekends. Not only because I don’t have to go to school or work, but also because so far I have been able to be very productive. This weekend, I wrote two essays, finished an exercise for class, and did some reading. The weekends are also my cooking/baking time!

I made pad thai today!

It was a lot easier to make than I expected. Yesterday, I made bean & rice burgers, curried millet, and pizza crust. I made enough of everything to last me at least through the first half of the week (the pizza crusts will last at least a couple of weeks though because I made three).

So I have this thing where if I’m reading for class, I can only listen to instrumental music (usually movie scores, but sometimes classical), but when I’m writing I can listen to music with words or, even better, watch movies/tv as long as it’s something I’ve already seen. So since the weekends have been my writing time, I’ve been having some very fun marathons. Today, I’ve indulged in Bones and Chuck dvds while I finished my essay.

Speaking of tv, happy premiere week! I’m so excited for all of my shows to return this week even though I will be in class during most of them. Thank goodness my computer doubles as a dvr. When I get back from class tomorrow night I will be watching Chuck and Castle. Thankfully, I have Tuesdays off from work, so I feel like I can indulge a bit and watch both Monday night.

Scarecrow & Mrs. King

March 18, 2010

I have waited years, years, for this DVD set. I had pretty much resigned myself to the idea that there never would be a DVD release of the ’80s spy show Scarecrow and Mrs. King (SMK).

But as of last week, the complete first season is now available and my copy arrived two days ago from Amazon. This is the first DVD I’ve bought myself in ages, since I’m so poor I usually wait and ask for the ones I want at Christmas.

I was not going to wait nine months for this one though. I grew up watching this in syndication. I have some vague, early memories of watching it when I was really little, but I really became a fan when I was around 13. I even recorded every episode on VHS (tapes which I still have, by the way).

There have been numerous fan petitions over the years to get this show on DVD, but there never was a promising answer until last fall.

SMK has everything I like in a tv show: interesting characters who interact well with each other, a little comedy, a little drama, a little action, and a little romance. In fact, I realized SMK has a lot in common with my current favorite spy show, Chuck (except for the super computer, of course). Both shows feature a lead character who is “normal,” but gets pushed into the spy world. The more I think about it, I realize that the way Amanda is treated in season 1 of SMK is very similar to how Chuck is treated in season 1 of his show, right down to the whole “stay in the car” bit. Also, some of the humor is definitely along the same vein. SMK has the added fun of being set during the Cold War, so instead of fighting The Ring, the bad guys are the KGB.

Relationship-wise, however, I find the best comparison between the Lee and Amanda relationship to be that of Booth and Brennan on Bones, albeit with the male and female roles swapped. The reason why I think these two relationships compare well together is that in both of them, the pair becomes friends fairly quickly. In neither do I see years of angst and tension where the couple is constantly fighting like on other shows. There is a tiny bit of frustration within the first handful of episodes of each show, but after that they pretty much move on and become just really good friends. That friendship becomes the basis of the show and gradually progresses to something more.

I highly recommend you check out SMK if you like any of the things I’ve described. And definitely request that your local library buy it. The more copies sold, the greater the chance the rest of the series will be released!

TV & Music

March 11, 2010

So if you know me, you probably know that a hobby of mine is discovering new music through my favorite tv shows. After watching last night’s incredible finale to season four of Psych, I bought the song featured in the closing montage, “I Go to the Barn Because I Like the” by Band of Horses. Listen:

Another of their songs, “No One’s Gonna Love You,” was used in a season one episode of Chuck. I have that song as well.

However, while I love both of these songs, when I checked out their album Cease to Begin, I didn’t like it that much.

I’m in a Sharing Mood

March 2, 2010

In honor of last night’s excellent Chuck episode, I thought I’d share with you my favorite Chuck fan video. Check it out:

So if you watched last night, what did you think? Personally, I believe this show just keeps on getting better and better. This season has been outstanding.

Finishing Up 09

January 11, 2010

Only two more 2009 outfits left to show you after this one.

Shirt-The Limited, Skirt-fei, Shoes-xhilaration

I like this skirt, but it is a little shorter than I prefer. I like just below the knee rather than just above. I think next time I will try it with tights. I might like it better that way.

So did you watch Chuck last night? What did you think? Don’t forget it returns to its regular time slot tonight at 8pm eastern with the third episode of the season.