Thrifting Adventure

I have some free time until my job starts in just over a week, so I’ve been enjoying a few weeks free from both school and work. Today I decided to go on a thrifting adventure. I’d heard that the local Salvation Army is pretty good in terms of vintage items, but I had not yet checked it out for myself. I finally ventured over there myself, and it did not disappoint.

I came away with these gorgeous vintage Evan-Picone dark purple Lattice Pumps made in Spain. A little internet research revealed they are from the 1980s, which is what I guessed. I found them for sale online in a different color for $42. My price? $4.50. I’m very excited to wear these in the future. I never thought I would thrift shoes, but these are in excellent condition.


One Response to Thrifting Adventure

  1. eceldridge says:

    Those are really cute! Why did someone get rid of them? (But I’m glad they did so you could have them.)

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