Blizzard 2011

It has been snowing steadily for several hours now. I think we have about 8 inches right now, but we’re supposed to end up with at least a foot when all is said and done.

Even though the snow didn’t start until later, this whole day has been nasty. We had an ice storm yesterday and earlier today. I went out this morning to get yesterday’s ice off the car. It had to have been at least a quarter inch coating the entire car. It took probably close to 40 minutes to get the windows clear. I wish I had taken pictures of that.

I didn’t go into work today; I called in sick. I actually didn’t feel well this morning. Fortunately, that went away over the course of the day and I feel better now. It wound up being all for the best though because the weather got worse right around the time I would have gone to work.

Tomorrow, or today actually since it’s now Wednesday, I get to have another snow day because campus is officially shut down. No work or class!

Click the link for video of the blizzard!


3 Responses to Blizzard 2011

  1. eceldridge says:

    Wow. A snow day up in Yankeeville? That’s a bad sign! I hope we don’t get any of that mess!

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