Just Another Day in the Life . . .

After much gnashing of teeth, I have got my journal project for next week figured out!

I was getting pretty frustrated with it this morning because every journal I chose was a dead end. For this project, I need to have full access to the journal from its first issue to its most recent. However, every. single. journal. in a topic of interest to me didn’t pan out. So finally this morning I decided to settle on one that, while not my primary interest, does have slight overlap with what I like.

I started working on the project. I had a decent start. But when I sat down tonight to work on it, I felt really unsatisfied. I didn’t care about these topics. I was freaking out that this would cause me to spend a whole semester on something I don’t like (each assignment in this class feeds into the next so that you keep building on what you’ve already done).

After double-checking that I really couldn’t get the information I needed, I started drafting an email to my professor to get some advice on what I should do. Before I sent it, however, I decided to try one more thing that just occurred to me.


I am so proud of myself for figuring it out myself. I really had to dig around to find access to this thing. It was not straightforward at all and it meant taking some steps that were not listed in our directions for the project. I got it though and now I can work on something I actually enjoy. I am a little annoyed that I wasted so much time this morning on something that I’m not going to use, but I am relieved now to be focusing on something I enjoy, rather than just completing the assignment for the assignment’s sake.

Alright, after spending the past hour getting all of the figured out, it is now time to get down to business.


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