You Know You’re A Nerd When . . .

. . . you are handed the course syllabus and, instead of freaking out over all you are expected to accomplish by the end, you get excited about the prospect of never-ending reading assignments and writing papers.

. . . you come home from said class and are so inspired to learn that you look up the reading lists of your favorite undergrad professors so you can add those books to your to-read list as well.

Yes, I did both of those things tonight. In the second case, I will obviously not get to those books for a while. However, my undergrad profs consistently picked great books. I am glad the bookstore went online a couple of years ago so I can now stalk their course lists as an alum.

Maybe after I receive the syllabi for my other two classes I will be in a more despondent mood. However, so far, nothing I can’t handle. I fear this makes me sound too cocky. It’s not that I think it will be a piece of cake. On the contrary, I know there will be challenges. It’s just that my experience in the past has taught me that I can rise to them. Surviving a 30 page research paper as a college sophomore tends to do that.

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