Why I Love My iTouch

  • I don’t have to turn on my big computer every time I want to check email, twitter, or facebook.
  • I can read previously downloaded articles from my rss feeds when I’m on break, waiting for someone, or anytime I have a few minutes to kill.
  • I can watch my favorite tv shows while at the gym (the time goes MUCH faster).
  • I can look up recipes while at the grocery store (thanks to Whole Foods free wi-fi).
  • I can quickly find out the score of the Sox game without bothering with the tv.
  • I can check the weather in the morning without waiting for my computer to turn on and load.

Since I keep using my itouch as my excuse for not blogging frequently, I thought you might like to know why it’s so awesome.


2 Responses to Why I Love My iTouch

  1. Meg says:

    I’m jealous

  2. eceldridge says:

    Me too. I like the recipe feature in particular; I always seem to forget to bring mine with me, or if I buy something on sale, I won’t be sure of the best way to use it.

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