I usually try to space out my fashion posts because I don’t want this blog to be just about fashion. But I am not in a very creative mood today so it’s either fashion or nothing.



Leggings & Belt-don’t remember


Shoes-some Payless brand

I am not a huge fan of this outfit. I wanted to wear a dress, but I also wanted to be warm at work (our offices are in the basement so it gets chilly down there sometimes).  Oh well, they can’t all be winners. And taking pictures helps me to better realize what works and what does not.


One Response to Uninspired

  1. eceldridge says:

    I like the necklace and the curl in your hair. I can’t put my finger on what doesn’t quite work, especially since the purple’s lovely on you, but you’re right that this isn’t your best. Not bad, however, just not perfect.

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