Scarecrow & Mrs. King

I have waited years, years, for this DVD set. I had pretty much resigned myself to the idea that there never would be a DVD release of the ’80s spy show Scarecrow and Mrs. King (SMK).

But as of last week, the complete first season is now available and my copy arrived two days ago from Amazon. This is the first DVD I’ve bought myself in ages, since I’m so poor I usually wait and ask for the ones I want at Christmas.

I was not going to wait nine months for this one though. I grew up watching this in syndication. I have some vague, early memories of watching it when I was really little, but I really became a fan when I was around 13. I even recorded every episode on VHS (tapes which I still have, by the way).

There have been numerous fan petitions over the years to get this show on DVD, but there never was a promising answer until last fall.

SMK has everything I like in a tv show: interesting characters who interact well with each other, a little comedy, a little drama, a little action, and a little romance. In fact, I realized SMK has a lot in common with my current favorite spy show, Chuck (except for the super computer, of course). Both shows feature a lead character who is “normal,” but gets pushed into the spy world. The more I think about it, I realize that the way Amanda is treated in season 1 of SMK is very similar to how Chuck is treated in season 1 of his show, right down to the whole “stay in the car” bit. Also, some of the humor is definitely along the same vein. SMK has the added fun of being set during the Cold War, so instead of fighting The Ring, the bad guys are the KGB.

Relationship-wise, however, I find the best comparison between the Lee and Amanda relationship to be that of Booth and Brennan on Bones, albeit with the male and female roles swapped. The reason why I think these two relationships compare well together is that in both of them, the pair becomes friends fairly quickly. In neither do I see years of angst and tension where the couple is constantly fighting like on other shows. There is a tiny bit of frustration within the first handful of episodes of each show, but after that they pretty much move on and become just really good friends. That friendship becomes the basis of the show and gradually progresses to something more.

I highly recommend you check out SMK if you like any of the things I’ve described. And definitely request that your local library buy it. The more copies sold, the greater the chance the rest of the series will be released!


4 Responses to Scarecrow & Mrs. King

  1. eceldridge says:

    I feel like I should watch SMK after reading this, and even though you say you “watch a lot of TV,” your TV suggestions have always been good. (i.e. Veronica Mars, Lost, NCIS, Bones, etc.)

    • spezzella says:

      I am glad you think I have good taste in tv. I agree with you! haha Maybe when you’re here in May I’ll make you watch SMK while you eat my food.

  2. […] 20, 2010 by cosybookworm Well it is nice to see somebody else enjoys Scarecrow & Mrs King:, spezella has got her lucky hands on the season 1 boxset. I totally agree with her that the show is like […]

  3. cosybookworm says:

    Hello Again Spezella!
    I’m thinking you already know but just in case the New Year’s good news hasn’t got to you, Scarecrow and Mrs King Season 2 is now available for pre-order on Amazon! It’s due out March 22nd. I have already excitedly blogged the cover art lol!
    if you haven’t seen it.

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