Dressy Casual

Shirt&Vest-The Limited

Skirt-Banana Republic

Tights-Apt 9

Shoes-Lower East Side


This is the outfit I wore when I visited a grad school a few weeks ago. There was no dress code for that evening, but I wanted to look nice without being too dressed up. As it turned out, I was one of the most dressed up people there and the only person wearing a skirt. I’ve gotten used to being more dressed up than other people. I quite like that. I firmly believe that you must dress how you want to be perceived.

Anyway, this outfit, and the one I wore the next day (which I do not have pictures of), is what I like to call “dressy casual.” It is dressier than most people’s definition of casual (which people usually think means jeans and tshirts–something that I actually saw people wear to interview at a grad school because we were told we didn’t have to dress up), but it is also more casual than most people’s definition of dressy (i.e. a suit). I try to find a happy medium in my outfits, especially when I go into a situation where I am not exactly sure what is appropriate attire. Hence, dressy casual.

For this particular outfit, the button down blouse, sweater vest, and gold necklace give the outfit a dressy feel, but the denim skirt tones it down a bit. The next day, when I had my actual interview for the program, I wore black dress pants, a sweater, and a scarf. As I mentioned above, we were told not to dress up, which I took to mean we didn’t need to wear suits. So several people wore jeans, but there was no way I was going into an interview without dressing up. I went for a look that was put-together, but not overly fancy.


One Response to Dressy Casual

  1. eceldridge says:

    I love the vest! I see you’re using your discount well! 🙂

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