Scarf Tying

Sweater-The Limited




Tights-Simply Vera

Shoes-AE for Payless

I hadn’t worn this scarf in a long time, but when I realized it has nearly the same shade of green in it as my sweater, I knew I had to try them together.

I tied my scarf using the first scarf tying technique Audi explains in her tutorial over at Fashion for Nerds. My scarf isn’t as bulky as the one she uses for the demonstration, but mine is so long that I thought it might still work. It did! Of course because my scarf is much thinner I didn’t get the piled look that you would get with a bulkier scarf. Still, I thought this technique gave the scarf more volume around my neck than it would otherwise have had. I really like this method of tying scarves. It stayed in place, just as Audi said it would. This method makes it very easy to get the level of tightness or looseness that you prefer around your neck without having to adjust all day.

In other news, I’ve done some shopping lately, so I will probably be debuting some new looks here in the near future. I found some good bargains and I am eager to incorporate them into my wardrobe.


One Response to Scarf Tying

  1. Audi says:

    I’m glad the scarf tying method worked! I love the cheery pinks and greens together.

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