Mini Skirt

Sweater-The Limited, Skirt-Cache, Tights-Vera Wang, Oxford Booties-Predictions, Necklace-vintage

It’s been a few years since I was slender enough to pull off a mini skirt. I am glad I can try this look again, though I would never do it without tights so I don’t think I will be wearing this skirt in the summer.

The day I wore this it was colder than I realized so I wound up changing to jeans later in the day.


3 Responses to Mini Skirt

  1. eceldridge says:

    Cute! I want to wear a mini sometime, but I think I’ll need to wait a little while. It’s snowing here right now – ok, flurrying, but we panic – so it’s too cold. I’m wondering whether I’ll even have to set out clothes for school tomorrow. I hope so… I like sleeping in, but geewilikers delays mess up lesson plans!

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    • spezzella says:

      Thanks for commenting! I appreciate it. I too like vintage clothing, though I admit I don’t really have any right now. I do have a modest collection of vintage jewelry. It is fun to make unique finds.

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