Let’s Read for Fun!

So Monday I made my first trip to the library since the end of the summer. By that I mean, a real trip where I was there longer than two minutes and checked out a huge stack of books. I went to the library several times over the past few months to pick up holds, but not to browse. I took some time off from browsing because I checked out so many books over the summer that it took me a while to finish reading them and then I decided to read some books from my own collection.

I am actually reading four books right now. I don’t want to mention them because some of them I may end up doing separate posts about once I finish. However, this is so unusual for me. I am normally strictly a one book at a time kind of person. Occasionally, I’ll have two going, but that only happens when I either 1) get bored by the first, but don’t want to give it up completely or 2) a new book by a favorite author comes out so I suspend reading the first book until I finish the second (which usually doesn’t take long if it’s by a favorite mystery author). But this time I am reading four books at once, not because any of them are boring, but because they are all so interesting and I couldn’t bear to wait to get started on any of them. It also helps that three of the four are non-fiction and each about very different topics.

So that brings me to the question of the day, have you been doing any fun reading lately? Or any plans to start something soon? What are you reading or what do you want to read soon?


One Response to Let’s Read for Fun!

  1. eceldridge says:

    My goodness! You’re actually in the middle of as many books as I am! I’m still reading “Interview with the Vampire,” another vampire book (dude, it was cheap and at WalMart and recommended by a friend that I now know suffers from questionable taste in books), another fiction book, and the fourth I shall not say because I’m only in the middle of it because it is currently MIA. I will find it. I don’t like to leave a book behind.

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