Remembrance of Things Past


So over the past couple of weeks I have been rediscovering my love of the ’80s tv show Scarecrow and Mrs. King. I’m too young to have watched it when it was originally on, but I grew up watching it in syndication. SMK was one of the first favorite tv shows I ever had.

Now there are rumors flying around that it might–finally–be released on DVD sometime next year. Let’s hope that’s true, so I will no longer have to rely on old VHS tapes to get my fix.

vhs tape

I have many fond memories of watching this show with my mom. And oddly enough, it can be connected to so many things in my life. Ask me sometime how various aspects of my life can be linked to my being a fan of this show, including my choice of undergrad.

scarecrow mrs king


4 Responses to Remembrance of Things Past

  1. meg says:

    A fun show! The pilot was very good. In fact, the series started out good but got cheesier as time went by.

    I first watched this on the old Family Channel in the 90’s (I’d never heard of it back when it was on CBS). I can still quote dialog and remember episode names!

    And we all knew back then that Bruce Boxleitner was awesome.
    (But of course now that he’s older he’s the father of Awesome as we know from Chuck!)

  2. eceldridge says:

    How did the show influence your choice of undergrad?

  3. […] TV Round-Up Just a quick update today on some anticipated release and return dates. Over the past month or so, I’ve mentioned that I was looking forward to the return of four of my favorite shows and I speculated on whether or not Scarecrow & Mrs. King would finally be released on DVD. […]

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