It’s a Beautiful Day . . .

. . . for studying.

GRE prep

I know, just what you want to see in the morning, right? I feel the same way. So yesterday I took my second practice GRE with mixed results. I got my math score up to almost my goal score. It was close enough that I am happy with it. Unfortunately, my verbal score was way down this time. I have decided that computer adaptive tests are silly. I got almost twice as many wrong on math than on verbal and percentage-wise I was way better on verbal. However, the 6 verbal questions I got wrong all occurred during the first third of the test, which is where most of your score is determined. The fact that I got questions 10-30 correct didn’t really matter since I got 6 of the first 9 wrong. How annoying is that!

So what I took away from this practice test is

1) Pacing myself better this time really helped me improve my math score

2) I can pace myself better on verbal in order to improve that score as well.

I am going to take my third practice test on Saturday so we’ll see how that goes. As soon as I can get my math and verbal scores to be close to what I want at the same time then I will feel ready to take the real thing.


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